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Painting on porcelain


Wall painting

Elisabetta Giambanco


I was born in Rome in 1964.


Born into art, in 1978 I first approached the world of ceramics and eventually got to that of porcelain decoration, attending courses and seminars both in Italy and abroad.


Thus I learned different techniques, while refining my skills and my artistic vision: modeling, decoration on majolica, first, second and third fire, wall decoration and glass fusion. Exploiting with skill and artistic sensitivity all these techniques qualifies me, in the end, as an all-round professional artist.


During my career I have taken part in a number of  contests, both in Italy and abroad, gaining recognition and awards. In particular, I was honoured to receive the GOLD AWARD for the work POMPEI in the International Competition “Mega Atlantic Porcelain Convention & Exhibition” Ipat 2018 Miami – Florida (USA).


I have also taken part in various exhibitions in Italy and abroad: my artistic activity and works are discussed in several specialized magazines.

My artworks

My feelings are transformed into paintings on porcelain

Unique artworks

Each work is unique and unrepeatable

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