The program of all our courses lead the student to the knowledge of all classical and modern techniques. Each course is open both to people who have no experience and to those people who want to complete an existing training and each student is followed according to their abilities.


The duration of the lessons is 3 hours with a frequency of one meeting per week. Hours are flexible and each course is made up of a maximum of six people. Registration is open all year round.


At the end of each course a certificate of attendance will be issued. Students who have attended the basic course and who have achieved a certain technical autonomy can access the specialization seminars.

The school courses

Classes are taught by myself and other renowned artists in their industry

La cavalcata delle fate opera di Elisabetta Giambanco

3rd firing porcelain painting


You will learn porcelain painting with techniques
classic and modern.
The course held by the teacher Elisabetta Giambanco is adapted to each student in order to obtain the maximum result in the shortest time.


Wall painting


The course is held by the teacher Elisabetta Giambanco and is dedicated to some types of decoration such as Le Grottesche and Grisaille.

Illustrazione e fumetto Arts and Crafts Elisabetta Giambanco

Cartoon Watercolor Illustration


It is a training course that deals with the classic and indispensable manual tools of drawing, inking and color.
The course is held by the teacher Barbara Brocchi

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